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 Tytuł: NZ Woman's Weekly - Kevin Cops It 21 June/Czerwiec 1999
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Kevin Cops It
21 June/Czerwiec 1999

Kevin Smith gets to play the good guy in his upcoming telefeature Lawless - and it's a change he and his children are relishing
By Karyn Henger (NZ Woman's Weekly 21st June 1999)
thm_ksadww2.jpg (10483 bytes)It's possible Kevin Smith won't be home for the debut screening of Lawless, the new telefeature he stars in. If he is, he'll be watching it with his sons.
Kevin has spent the last few weeks at the Cannes Film Festival and in Los Angeles, auditioning for future roles and doing publicity work for Hercules and Xena in which he plays Ares. It's one of the longest separations he's had from Oscar (8) and Tyrone (5) in a while.
"I've been missing them like crazy. The night before I left I slept in the bunks with the boys, It was deeply uncomfortable, I have to say, but I wanted one night with them before I went away, I know I'll do the same when I get back."
In Lawless, which screens at 8.30pm on Thursday, 24 June on TV2, Kevin plays John Lawless, an undercover cop whose loyalties become divided over the friends he makes on hoth sides of the law. Filmed in Auckland in just three weeks in January, the show also stars Angela Dotchin, Joel Tobeck, Susan Brady and Elizabeth Hawthorne.
Happily, Kevin (36) discovered he'd already done half the homework for his character when filming for Lawless began. In the film Channelling Baby, which showed at the Cannes Film Festival, Kevin played the part of a Vietnam veteran.
"I did a lot of research into post-traumatic stress disorder when I was preparing for that film. And I found out the highest group to suffer the disorder, next to Vietnam veterans, is undercover cops."
John Lawless is the first "good guy" Kevin has played for years and he relished the change. His sons are pretty excited about seeing their dad plaving a good guy too. "They're looking forward to seeing it," says Kevin.
During filmiIlg, Kevin relied heavily on two former undercover cops for insight into his character. "It was important to reflect the turmoil, the price undercover cops pay for living a life of duplicity.
"One thing these guys told me, for example, was not to play the heavy. Undercover cops have to appear to be the sort of person someone could conceive striking up a friendship with and trusting. But, at the same time, they have to be ready to have their bluff called, They live in this constant fear of being tumbled."
As far as his acting career is concerned, Kevin sees this film as his "first foray into a bona fide action show".
"We got to hoon around in these Commodores with balaclavas and guns. It was really hot - the sweat Just kept pouring and we stank like polecats. But it was a real hoot because we got to run around like eight-year-olds and play cops and robbers."
Like father, like sons? "Nah, my boys are more into that WWF wrestling stuff."
Being a keen rugby fan and a passionate Canterbury Crusaders supporter Kevin has introduced Oscar and Tyrone to junior rugby.
"It's like watching this mass of little bodies with big heads swirling around as one. They have a great time and you see some good little players.
"I've spent a lot of time away from my sons. As they get older they're more aware of you not being around and I'm acutely aware of that too. The time I have with my kids is really precious and to be involved in something they enjoy and which I can participate in is pretty cool."

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